‘The Citizen’ newspaper

‘The Citizen’ was a free weekly newspaper which circulated in Strathfield in the 1950s. The newspaper provides short articles of local interest and many advertisements of local shop and services, which still be recognisable today.

The paper was published by William Dunlop, owner of Dunlop’s Haberdashery and Clothing Store, The Boulevarde, Strathfield. Dunlop was later the Mayor of Strathfield.  A few copies are still in existence and have been donated by relatives of the Dunlop family.


The Citizen Feb 13 1958

Election of Alderman Stanley Hedges as Mayor

The Citizen August 8 1957

First issue

Citizen November 7 1957

Features an article on St Anne’s Anglican Church, 2nd Homebush Scout Troup, a spread of advertisements on White’s Corner (Strathfield South) shops and St Dominic’s Catholic Church Flemington.


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