‘Swanton’ Victoria St Strathfield

‘Swanton’, Victoria Street Strathfield was built for Stanley Vickery, a prominent grazier and stockbreeder, in 1914 from a design by architect, Harry Chambers Kent.

The construction of the brick residence of over 9 rooms was approved by Strathfield Council in May 1914 for owner Stanley Vickery Esq.  The estimated cost of the construction was £3500.  The builder was Kell & Rigby.

‘Swanton’ was demolished in the 1960s and subdivided.  The road ‘cul-de-sac’ Summit Place was created in its place.

One comment

  1. I remember visiting ‘Swanton’ not long before it was demolished… and recall the most superb paneled hallway. Very grand. I left Strathfield when I married in 1974 and am aghast every time I return. My grandparents’ home at 32 South St has gone, although its predecessor at 24 Firth Ave has survived. As for the home my parents built and moved into in 1961, 5 Allenby Cres, its rebuild is hideous. Very sad. Luckily Elim in Burwood, the Sulman house where my grandparents lived until my grandfather retired, has survived.


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