‘Springfort’ 108 Redmyre Road Strathfield

By Cathy Jones

Springfort Photo Cathy Jones 2004
Springfort Photo Cathy Jones 2004

‘Springfort’ was built in 1894 to a design by architect George Sydney Jones (see top illustration) for its owner Alexander Reith Troup, a senior partner of the firm Troup, Harwood & Co, public accountants.  Troup, Harwood & Co were also Strathfield Council’s auditors for many years.  Troup was a director of the firm James Sandy & Co.

During Troup’s occupancy (1894-c.1906), the house was known as “Reithurst”. While he lived in Strathfield, Troup was a member of the Strathfield Recreation Club in 1902, one of Sydney’s most prestigious clubs.  He was elected President in 1902. Troup’s obituary in 1912 notes that he was a senior partner in a prominent city firm of accountants and ‘held in high esteem by the business community of Sydney’ evidenced by the list of attendees at his funeral.

From 1908 to 1920 Springfort was the home of the manufacturer Arthur Royce Lysaght. Lysaght was the son of John Lysaght, who established Lysaght.   Lysaght first called his home Wreath Hurst and from c.1914, Springfort.  Lysaght is best remembered by his company Lysaght Brothers & Co. Ltd, a prominent wire, iron and steel manufacturer. Lysaght Brothers later became Australian Wire Industries (AWI), merging with BHP Steel in 1959.  Lysaght died in 1920.

In 1925, the property was purchased by Arthur Nelson Littlejohn, a solicitor. In 1929, ‘Springfort’ was purchased by Mrs Katie Coggins for £5600.  The Coggins family controlled the company W T Coggins Pty Ltd, metropolitan distributor for Holden cars and Bedford Trucks.  Coggins head Office was located at Parramatta Road Camperdown with service centres at Mascot and Auburn.  The Coggins family owned ‘Springfort’ from 1929 to 2002.

This site was originally located on 106-108 Redmyre Road but 106 Redmyre containing a tennis court and summer house has been subdivided from 108 Redmyre Road, where the house ‘Springfort’ is located.