Merley Road Strathfield

Merley Road Strathfield is built on land originally granted to Simeon Lord by Crown Grant on 9th August 1803.  In 1841, this land regranted by the Crown to Joseph Hyde Potts and was known as the Potts Estate.

Merley Rd first appears from c.1899 and was created in three separate stages.  The southern side of the street was created from subdivision of the grounds of the home ‘Merley’ which was occupied from c.1899 to 1923 by Henry Gorman of Hardie & Gorman estate agents and auctioneers and faced Albert Road. The northern side was established by the sub-division of Francis Hyde Potts’ ‘Hydebrae’ estate in 1922.  Merley Rd was extended on the southern end facing InvereskPark by the sub-division of the Inveresk Estate in 1938.  All houses in this section were built after 1940.

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