41 Meredith Street

41 Meredith Street Strathfield

In 1936, the grounds of the Victorian mansion ‘Howglen’ were subdivided creating residential lots facing Meredith St, Coventry Rd and Mackenzie Streets.   Lots 7 to 12 of the Howglen Estate are located 37 to 45 Meredith Street.  Between 1936 and 1938; the lots were sold and buildings were erected on these sites.  Each dwelling was separately owned with different builders.  The house ‘Howglen’ was eventually demolished and the cul-de-sac Boyce Avenue was built on this site.

41 Meredith Street, a brick cottage of six rooms, was built in 1937 for its owner Mabel Adelaide Bisset (1883-1961).  The architect was John Brogan. The State Library of NSW architectural collection includes the John Brogan collection of Buildings in Australia and South-East Asia (1926-1966).   The index notes that this collection includes plans for a ‘residence for Miss Bissett, Homebush, 1936’ and builder was Armstrong Swanson of Petersham at cost £1230.  Miss Bissett continued to own the house until c. 1960,  when ownership transferred to John White.


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‘Howglen’ Subdivision Poster dated 1936

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