37 Meredith Street Strathfield

37 Meredith Street Strathfield

By Cathy Jones

In 1936, the grounds of the Victorian mansion ‘Howglen’ were subdivided creating residential lots facing Meredith St, Coventry Rd and Mackenzie Streets.   Lots 7 to 12 of the Howglen Estate are located 37 to 45 Meredith Street.  Between 1936 and 1938; the lots were sold and buildings were erected on these sites.  Each dwelling was separately owned with different builders.  The house ‘Howglen’ was eventually demolished and the cul-de-sac Boyce Avenue was built on this site.  

37 Meredith Street, a brick cottage of five rooms, was built in 1937 for its owner W Sherwin.  The builder was D J Gibbons of Homebush .  The estimated cost of the building was £1000.  By 1960, this house was still owned by William Sherwin.


Department of the Valuer General NSW – Valuation List – Valuation District of Strathfield

‘Howglen’ Subdivision Poster dated 1936

Strathfield Council Building Register