‘Billesdon’ 104 Burlington Rd Homebush

By Cathy Jones

Billesdon’ 104 Burlington Road Homebush was designed by architect Rupert V Minnett in 1914. This house was featured in Building Magazine in 1915 with commentary about the unusual design of the house.

Approval was granted to construct this house in November 1914 by Strathfield Council.  The application was made by H. R Rabone for a brick villa with slate roof of more than nine rooms for an estimated amount of £1100.  The builder was J Cooper, Rochester Street, Homebush. 

Harold Richard Rabone, was the original owner of the house which was occupied by Stephen Rabone (d.1937), his brother.  Both men were accountants.  Their father was the Wesleyan Minister the Reverend Stephen Rabone, who served as a Missionary in Tonga.  The Rabones were one of a number of residents in Burlington Road whose fathers were Wesleyan Ministers including George Hurst and David Hazlewood.  Harold and Stephen Rabone jointly owned a number of houses in Flemington which they built and rented as investment properties.

From 1921 to 1947, the owner of the house was William John Lamble, a manager.  Ownership then transferred to Rita Travis.  The house sold in 1952 to Herbert & Merle Kienzle. By 1960, the house was owned by Carl & Lois Radeski.


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