Albert Road Strathfield

Albert Road was named after Albert [1819-1861], Prince Consort of Queen Victoria.

Albert Street [between Homebush Rd to Coventry Rd] first appears in the 1886 Sands Directory.  The section of Albert Road located between Homebush Road and The Boulevarde was known as Clarendon Street.

Albert Road is one of the most historically significant streets in Strathfield, containing many examples of late 19th century and early 20th century architecture such as ‘Mount Royal’, ‘Glenfarne’, ‘Tuxedo’ and ‘Corfu’.  In the late nineteenth century, Albert Road was considered one of Sydney’s most prestigious streets.  An aerial map of Albert Road c.1922 features many of these large homes. Link: Aerial photo of Albert Road 1922

Past residents of Albert Road include:

  • John Hinchcliff, woolbroker and Mayor of Strathfield [1890 & 1892], built and lived at ‘Mount Royal’ from 1887 to his death in 1895. Sir George Reid, Prime Minister of Australia [1903-04] and Premier of NSW [1894-99], lived at ‘Mount Royal’ [1903-04].  Mount Royal was purchased by the Christian Brothers in 1906 and is now part of the Australian Catholic University.
  • William Arnott, founder of Arnott’s Biscuits, built and lived at ‘Arnottholme’ 67 Albert Road, which now houses TAFE.
  • George Todman, tobacco merchant and philanthropist, built and lived at ‘Milroy’ [c.1886], which is now the site of Strathfield Girls High.
  • William Von der Heyde, tobacco merchant in partnership with George Todman and Mayor of Strathfield [1886-8] lived at ‘Elwood House’, which is now the site of Strathfield Girls High.
  • William Newman, shoe manufacturer and partner of retailer David Jones & Co built ‘Chepstowe’.    Like ‘Milroy’ and ‘Elwood House’, ‘Chepstowe’ was demolished and is now the site of Strathfield Girls High.
  • Washington H. Soul [1845-1927], founder of pharmaceutical firm Washington. H. Soul [merging with Pattinson & Co in 1903 to form Soul Pattinson Chemists], lived at ‘Agincourt’ until his death in 1927.  Soul also built the Masonic Temple Lodge Washington H. Soul in Beresford Rd on a sub-division of his ‘Agincourt’ estate in 1922.  ‘Agincourt’ though substantially altered is now the Jesmond Nursing Home.
  • Joseph Falk, merchant, built ‘Tuxedo’ 87-89 Albert Rd c.1891.  Sir Samuel Hordern lived at ‘Tuxedo’ from 1900 to 1914.  Hordern was a member of the Anthony Hordern Retail family but also known for his work for the Royal Agricultural Society – the Hordern Pavillion is named for him.
  • Sydney R Corkhill, high ranking NSW Treasury Official, built ‘Osdora’ 91-93 Albert Rd, c.1891 and lived there until his death in 1935.  Corkhill was the head of the examining branch of NSW Treasury when he built ‘Osdora’ and later became the Receiver of Treasury [Revenue Branch and Head of the Examining Branch, which was responsible for taxes in NSW.  His son Oswald Elfe Corkhill, an accountant, also resided at ‘Osdora’ was the ‘general secretary of Associated Dominions Assurance Society Ltd’  and continued to live at ‘Osdora’ for many years after the death of his father.
  • Frank Gaxieu lived at ‘Corfu’ Albert Road.  Gaxieu was a leading bookmaker and his son John, the official starter of the Australian Jockey Club.
  • James Thompson [1842 – 1911], Alderman on first Strathfield Council, lived at ‘Glenfarne’ 164 Albert Rd [c.1884-1893].  H J Daniels, Town Clerk of City of Sydney Council was occupant from 1897-1896. William Mitchell, Managing Director of Burns Philp & Co lived at ‘Glenfarne’ from 1914 until his death in 1968.
  • The Hon. George Cann MLA [1871-1948], a NSW State Minister for Education in the Lang Government and Member for Canterbury [1914-1920] lived at ‘Merriwa’ 98 Albert Rd [sands 1925] until his death in 1948 .  ‘Merriwa’ has been demolished and Allenby Crescent created in 1959 where ‘Merriwa’ was once located.
  • Frederick Boden, Alderman of Strathfield Council lived at ‘Sunny Brae’, 96 Albert Rd from c.1917 to his death in 1933.  Boden St and Boden Reserve are named in his honour.
  • John Curnow, Mayor of Strathfield [1925], lived at ‘Chyrasslon’, 147 Albert Rd.
  • Joseph Barling [1839-1921], Undersecretary of NSW Works and Chairman of the NSW Public Service Board [1897-98, 1901, 1903 & 1906], lived at ‘Salve’ . ‘Salve’ was purchased by Henry Gorman, of Hardie and Gorman [estate agents and valuers] and renamed ‘Merley’.  ‘Merley’ was demolished and Sydney Adventist College built in its’ place.
  • Angelo Arditto, owner of Family Hotel [now Whelan’s Hotel, Everton Rd Strathfield], at ‘The Retreat’.  Arditto’s Lane Strathfield is named for him.
  • Charles Lawrence, solicitor, lived at ‘Biralee’ Albert Road (now demolished).  He was a prominent lawyer and former Mayor of Manly and Ashfield.  His son, Ernest Laurence, also a solicitor was Mayor of Strathfield.
  • George Sydney Jones, architect, was a resident of Albert Rd in late 1890’s.

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  1. just browsing & found this .
    i am one of angelo ardittos grandsons , used to live in churchill ave.
    love all the old family history ,as well as angelos life ,quite a fellow
    as the stories go. a, arditto.


      1. Hi Joanne i am anthony Arditto . Father of Natalie whom i think you have had contact with.I was at Strathfield to day boy it has changed so much nothing like the old Strathfield more is the pity.


  2. My husband is Frederick Boden’s grandson, have been down to Strathfield to see the house also the street and park named after him. Had a great day.

    C E Hinte


  3. George Cann, of “Merriwa”, Albert Road, was married to Catherine Roberts who was a first cousin to my paternal grandmother. Catherine died at “200 Albert Road” on 6 Jan 1951.


  4. I am a grandson of Angelo Arditto and have produced an Arditto family volume which includes Angelo’s time in Italy and Australia, illustrated with many historic family photos. If interested I can donate a copy to Strathfield Council.


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