1. Hi, Loved Vic’s. Orchestra one end of the room and pop band the other end. Heaps of people attended. Cordial I think was served. Had loads of fun.


    2. met my future wife at Vics in 1954. Albert crawl inside and jitterbug outside under rotary clothes line All good-no fights no alcohol


  1. I used to play in a band called “Adige” that played at Vic’s Cabaret every Friday and Saturday night from 1969 to 1970. Vic’s Cabaret was one of the last big dance halls in Sydney until the discos took over. The manager got us a spot on the TV show “Happening 70”.


  2. I went to Vic’s for most of the 1960s, mostly on Fridays. The hall wasn’t very large and it was so crowded you could barely move. The bands were fantastic.


  3. Hi my mum and dad met at Vics 58 years ago on a friday night and got married 6 years later.
    My dad has fond memories of dancing at Vics .
    We are wondering what became of the hall .
    He would like to revisit the site if it has not been knocked down.


  4. Mum and Dad danced at Vic’s Cabaret when they were dating in the late 1950’s. They made a great team on the dance floor. I remember Mum pointing out the building when I was younger. She seemed to have had some great memories there. Sadly, both Mum and Dad are no longer with us, nor are the good old days when the young crowd were happy to dance all night and drink cordial.


  5. In the Mid 60’s I played drums in a trio at Vic’s for around 12 months every Friday & Saturday, Our Band was named Spectrum, Great venue it was..


  6. I have very fond memories of going to Vics most Saturday nights with my girlfriend Carol. What a great time we used to have as we both enjoyed dancing. Those memories are still with bexat 80 years old. Oh the good old days ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Ros Williams ( Kortlang)


  7. Does any one remember Keith Jones and the Saints. I am his daughter-in-law. I just unearthed an old tape of his which I am trying to have converted to a CD. I will post it if I am able to when it is done.


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