Frederick Peters

Frederick Augustus Bolles Peters (1866-1937), founder of Peters Ice Cream, lived at ‘Ashtenaw’ (also known as “Cheriton’), 16-18 Kingsland Road, Strathfield from 1924 until his death in 1937.

A biography by G P Walsh of Peters is contained in the Australian Dictionary of Biography .

In brief, Peters was born in Michigan USA and moved to Australia in the 1890s. Peters was involved in a number of business ventures, but in 1907 he leased rooms in an ice factory in Paddington and set up Peters’ American Delicacy Co. Ltd, an ice cream company.  At this time, ice cream was not available in Australia.  By the 1920s, he established new works and companies across Australia.

Peters introduced refrigerated cabinets to Australia and was innovative in business investing in equipment, staff and quality controls.  Though he business suffered in the Depression, he was able to trade through.  He retired in 1936 and married a number of times.

10 comments on “Frederick Peters

  1. Suzanne Alder

    I am looking for descendants of Frederick Augustus Bolles Peters, of the Peters Ice cream family. He was born in 1866 and died in 1937. Are any of his grandchildren still alive?
    Thank you for your help.
    Suzanne Alder


    • Suzanne

      I do not have any information on his children. The house was sold after his death and I don’t think the family stayed in this area. Maybe someone will notice your request and respond.



    • Amanda Morton

      I am his grand daughter Amanda Morton. My mother Judith Spicer (nee Peters) was his youngest daughter, born in 1921. I had a brother Geoffrey who died in 2012. I also have a cousin Jann Kuner who is the daughter of my mother’s older sister, Mary.


  2. Anissa Dutton

    Suzanne, I am a direct descendant of Frederick Augustus Bolles Peters, I am his Great Granddaughter. My father died in 2012 he was his only Grandson, my dad was 65. There are two granddaughters still living. If you would like anymore information please do not hesitate to contact me.



  3. Graham

    I ‘am researching any photo’s and information on the MV “Frederick A Peters” named after the founder of Peters Creameries, was on the Manning River NSW from around 1943.


    • Anissa Dutton

      Hi Graham,
      I am Frederick A Peters greatgrandaughter, on my fathers side MV Frederick A Peters was that a boat, and if it is I did not know he had a boat named after him especially in the Manning River and that would be funny since my mothers side of the family were born In Taree and surrounding areas , they were the Richardson’s, Martins, Andrews and so on.
      Please keep in touch with me
      Cheers Anissa Dutton


      • Graham

        Hi Anissa,

        Yes it was a boat on the Manning , collecting milk/cream for Peters creameries, not sure where it came from, not sure if was originally launched under that name or a different vessel renamed.
        Please keep in touch.


  4. I Myself , not a relation, But the two Daughters of Frederick Peters are my relatives,
    there mother being a daughter of John Mallard, his mother being Elizabeth Ball is my third g grandmother,,
    My great grandmother , her daughter Sarah Fuller, a half sister of John Mallared/Mullard..


    • Graham

      Hi Lawrence
      Thank you for your comments, any information or images of the vessel ‘Frederick A Peters’ from his daughters would be of great assistance in preserving the Maritime History of the Manning River.


      • Hi Graham,
        A Family Member is doing research, I only know what I earlier indicated concerning Peters – Ball- Fuller..

        Names of children of Peters -Mallard Unknown..


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