ALLEN, Albert – former Mayor of Strathfield, Postmaster Druitt Town

AKHURST, Daphne – tennis player

ARNOTT Family – biscuit manufacturers

BICKERTON, Louie – tennis player

BOYCE, William – former Mayor of Strathfield

BRUNTON, John – flour miller and race horse owner

CAPPER, Charles – former Mayor of Strathfield

CALVERLEY, Beresford – former Mayor of Strathfield

CURNOW, John – former Mayor of Strathfield

DAVEY, George – former Mayor of Strathfield, miller

DALTON, Thomas – former Mayor of Homebush

DICKSON, Thomas– former Mayor of Strathfield, solicitor

DUNLOP, William – former Mayor of Strathfield

DUTTON, Eve – former Mayor of Strathfield

EDWARDS, Clarrie – former Mayor of Strathfield

FORD, Ebenezer – former Mayor of Enfield Council

FORD, Harvey – former Mayor of Strathfield

GORMAN, Henry – real estate/auctioneer (firm ‘Hardie & Gorman’)

GREGG, Alexander Scott Walter (AWS) – principal of Richardson & Wrench estate agents

HARDIE, George – first Mayor of Strathfield, real estate and mining agent

HEYDE, Wilheim von der – second Mayor of Strathfield, tobacco merchant

HINCHCLIFFE, John – former Mayor of Strathfied, wood merchant

HOPMAN, Harry – tennis player/coach

LANCE, Charles Carey – businessman and Sydney Harbour Trust Commissioner

LOWNDES, Arthur George – Vice-Chairman of Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) and Deputy Mayor of Strathfield

HUDSON, Colin – former Mayor of Strathfield

JONES, George Sydney – architect

LANCE, Sylvia – tennis player

LAURENCE, Ernest – former Mayor of Strathfield, solicitor

MARKS, Josephine – singer

MCKENZIE, Thomas – former Mayor of Strathfield, farmer, accountant and Member of NSW Legislative Assembly

NOTT, Randolph – architect, financier, politician

O’TOOLE, Laurel – former Mayor of Strathfield

PARSONS, Frederick – former Mayor of Strathfield, real estate agent

PRICE, John – former Mayor of Strathfield, merchant

SHORTLAND, Percy – former Mayor of Strathfield, District Court Judge

SLATYER, Charles – architect

SMITH, James – former Mayor of Strathfield

TODMAN, George – merchant

WALLIS, Frederick – former Mayor of Strathfield

WILSHIRE, James – tanner, early land grantee

ZIONS, Frank – former Mayor of Strathfield

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