Melville Reserve, Homebush West

By Cathy Jones

Alexander Melville - Alderman Strathfield Council
Alexander Melville – Alderman Strathfield Council

The land that Melville Reserve is located was acquired by Strathfield Council in 1928 as the land was considered flood-Melville Reserve Gatesprone and bi-sected by a waterway.

The land was formatted into a public reserve in the early 1930s and on 21 November 1937 the land was formally dedicated and opened as Melville Reserve, Hampstead Road Homebush West. The Reserve is named for solicitor Alexander Melville, an Alderman (1925-1940) and Mayor of Strathfield (1939-40).

Following Melville’s death in 1940, Council dedicated a water fountain in Melville Reserve to his memory.  The water fountain was designed by architects Morrow and Gordon and erected by builder A E Green.

The Reserve contains many items of interest including WWI War Memorials. The iron gates on Hampstead Rd and the bridge were dedicated by the ‘people of Flemington’ to commemorate the Great War 1914-1918. These items are included as heritage items on the Strathfield Local Environmental Plan.


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