Cooke Park Belfield

By Cathy Jones

Cooke Park is located between Madeline Street and Chisholm Street Belfield.  Cooke Park is named for Thomas Cooke, former Alderman (1941-1948) and Mayor of Enfield Council (1941-46, 1948).

The park is built on the Chisholm Estate, which was subdivided in 1937 and created residential lots along Chisholm and Madeline Streets.  A large portion of the site measuring over 4 acres contained a large waterhole and was considered to be difficult to develop.  The sub divider approached Enfield Council to purchase this land (Lot 27).  Initially, the Council agreed to purchase Lot 27 for £100 but later acquired additional lots on the frontages of both streets and Cooks River foreshore land.

The site accepted fill to level out the land and in 1942, on the instigation of the Mayor of Enfield, Thomas Cooke, plans were developed to format the site into a park with playing fields.    On 1 January 1949, the west ward of Enfield Council amalgamated with Strathfield Council.  Cooke Park was dedicated as a public reserve on 15 October 1952.