Mayoral trivia

The first Mayor of Strathfield was George Hardie in 1885. Hardie only served less than a year as Councils were forced to remove two Alderman by picking a name from a hat each year. Hardie’s name was chosen from the hat and he stepped down from Council. He, however, acted as the Returning Officer for the next election.

Longest Serving Mayors

The longest serving Mayor was Clarrie Edwards (1977-83). Edwards managed the Homebush Newsagency in Rochester Street Homebush. The next longest was Colin Hudson (1944-49), Master Builder of firm Loveridge & Hudson.

Parliamentary Service

  • Thomas Mackenzie was an Alderman on Strathfield Council (1892-1911), Mayor of Strathfield (1898-1901, 1908-10) and Member for the Electorate of Canterbury in NSW Parliament (1901-07).
  • Virginia Judge was a Councillor on Strathfield Council (1995-2004), Mayor (2000-2003) and elected to NSW Parliament as Member for the Electorate of Strathfield (2003-2011).

First Females

The first female Mayor was Eve Dutton in 1992. The first female Alderman was Eileen Stirk in 1967.

Family involvement

Strathfield Mayor Harvey Ford (1965-66) was grandson of Ebenezer Ford, long serving Mayor of Enfield Council, which later amalgamated with Strathfield Council.

Multiple Council Involvements

  • George Thompson, Alderman on the first Strathfield Council was later Mayor of Albury.
  • John Elvy, Mayor of Strathfield, also was an Alderman on the City of Sydney Council.
  • Frank Zions, Mayor of Strathfield, was later an Alderman on Burwood Council.

Street and Park Naming

Most parks and many streets in Strathfield are named after former Mayors. Some Aldermen have had streets and parks named for them but usually because they died in office eg Boden Reserve, Humphries Reserve and Edwards Park.

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