‘Milroy’, ‘Elwood House’ and ‘Chepstowe’, Albert Rd

‘Elwood House’ and ‘Milroy’

The great houses of ‘Milroy’, ‘Elwood House’ and ‘Chepstowe’ once occupied the site which is now Strathfield Girls High School in Albert Road Strathfield.  All three houses were demolished in the 1930s.  A public park called ‘Milroy Gardens’ was once located on the site of ‘Milroy’.  However, the site was eventually redeveloped in the 1950s for educational purposes.

‘Milroy’ was built c.1882 for tobacco merchant George Todman.  ‘Milroy’ occupied the corner of Albert Road and Homebush Road.  Todman lived at ‘Milroy’ until his death in 1924.  Many photographs of ‘Milroy’s’ interior and exterior were published during Todman’s occupany and the house was often featured in magazines of the day.

Todman’s business partner Wilheim von der Heyde built ‘Elwood House’, which was located on the western boundary of ‘Milroy’.  Heyde was active in local Council affairs and served as Mayor of Strathfield before his early death in 1896.

‘Chepstowe’ was the home of William Newman, a shoe manufacturer and partner of David Jones.  No photographs seem to have survived which would show this house in more detail.

The names Todman and Heyde are commemorated in Strathfield street names – Todman Place and Heyde Avenue.

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