Birnam Grove, Strathfield

A 1930s style house in Birnam Grove Strathfield

This street took its name from ‘Birnam Wood’, the home of John MacLean Arnott [Managing Director of Arnott’s biscuits].

The home ‘Birnam Wood’ was originally built in c.1886 by John B. Jones, Solicitor of Sydney and was called ‘Hatherly’.  The name ‘Hatherly’ was changed to ‘Birnam Wood’ in 1911, when it was purchased by John McLean Arnott.  This home was demolished c.1927 and the ‘Birnam Wood’ estate was sub-divided forming the current street, Birnam Grove. 

Arnott, possibly inspired by his Scottish heritage, named his home ‘Birnam Wood’.  The original Birnam Wood is located in Scotland and where the action of Shakespeare’s MacBeth takes place.  In Birnam Wood, MacBeth was slain in battle by Malcolm.

Most of the original homes in Birnam Grove were built around 1928-1932 and are mainly Interwar style bungalows.  The street is lined with Brushbox trees.

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