High Street Butcher and Grocery

Corner shops in the Strathfield Council area are rare, unlike other areas in Inner West Sydney.  In April 1920 Strathfield Council adopted a residential proclamation that prohibited the building and trade of shops in most of the Strathfield Council area.  The proclamation stayed in place until 1969.  Particularly in the former Enfield Council areas (including Strathfield South, parts of Belfield and Greenacre), shops on residential streets were more common.  Shops were located on streets such as Dean Street Strathfield South and Birriwa Avenue Belfield.

The building of shops at 30-32 High Street Strathfield were approved in 1920 just prior to the adoption of the proclamation.  The shops, a grocery and butcher shop, were built by G Glenhill.  Both shops are no longer trading.  The Butcher shop on the corner of High Street and Eve Street traded until at least 1985.  The following businesses occupied this site:  Walter E Bridle, butcher [1929-1948]; A W Bridle, butcher [1949-1958]; F Bridle, butcher [1959-1960]; E Grant, butcher [1961-1966]; W G Robinson, butcher [1967-1974]; High St Butchery [1976]; F Picone, butcher [1977]; Delfran Holdings, butcher [1978]; R & R O’Leary. butcher [1979-1985].

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  1. My broader family had an extensive connection with High St and Eve St.I lived in High St between 1956 and 1980. These shops were frequented by my family. Moore’s owned the grocery shop. We didn’t use the butchers, my father was a manager at the Moree Meat company on Parramatta Rd Strathfield for many years until his passing in 1972. Many houses in these streets and in other parts of the inner west were owned by one family, the Bill BRIEN Estate. This was broken up to some extent in the 1980s after the passing of his only surviving daughter Rita in the late 70s. We lived in Thomas Briens original home “ Morea” at number 18 High. My great grandmother lived in Eve St and her daughters family the Overs lived there as well. Wonderful memories, thanks for the post.


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