'White's Corner' Liverpool Road Strathfield South

‘White’s Corner’ Strathfield South

The Strathfield South shops on the corner of Liverpool Road (Hume Highway) and Homebush Road are also locally known as ‘Whites’ Corner’

The “White” of “White’s Corner” was a grocery shop operated by E R White in the 1920s.  According to Sands Directory, E R White’s shop was located on the north-west corner of Homebush Road and Liverpool Road.  Entries in the early 1930s also refer to White’s Service Station and Sawmill.

I’m not sure of the origin of the photo but possibly it is from the State Library.  The photograph shows the Crossways Hotel, which was built in 1930. It is likely the photograph is c.1930s.

The banner is from a 1957 edition of The Citizen, a local paper, which shows the local adoption of the name ‘White’s Corner’ for the South Strathfield Shopping Centre.

White's Corner - The Citizen November 7 1957
White’s Corner – The Citizen November 7 1957


  1. White’s Corner

    East of the three shops with arched upper floor balconies, that can be seen behind the Bushell’s Tea advertisement, there was a smaller single story shop. At the rear of this building “Barber Bill” cut men’s hair in the 1960s. In this establishment I regularly received a standard “short back and sides” that perfectly suited my prep school cloth cap. By 1970, when I had progressed in head gear to a straw boater, I moved on to salons in Burwood Road where I was able to be more adventurous in hair styling. Does anyone else have memories of Bill and details of who he was?


  2. The barber was Billy Gilbert who used to cut hair in a room at the back of Sellwood’s News Agency. Bill Hehir also had a barbers shop next to the South Strathfield Post Office.

    Bob Jones


    1. Thank you for that information Bob. My “Barber Bill” was behind a news agency so he must have been Billy Gilbert. Do you know how long he continued to cut hair?


      1. As the ’60s rolled on there was less and less demand for men’s haircuts, for obvious reasons, so Bill Gilbert gave up barbering and took over the news agency. I moved out of the area in 1971 so I’m not sure how long Bill Hehir’s shop survived. There was a young barber at Hehir’s also who I think was probably Bill’s son. The ’60s and ’70s were not a great time for people to get into the old-fashioned suburban barbering game.


  3. I remember whites corner as we moved there in 1973 from another house in Strathfield. My mum went to the primary school there and so did myself and my 2 sisters. My mum was very involved in the school as a volunteer up until the day she died in 1982. This photo is such a great memory


    1. Hi Vicki, Was your great grandfather married to a woman named Lily nee Remfrey, as I have a great great uncle of that name and he ran White’s corner.


      1. Hi Janene & Vicki,
        I too am a great grand daughter of Edward Robert White and Lily M Remfry. Where are you located? Any further details?


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