Austin Playground c.1970
Austin Playground south boundary 1959
Austin Playground south boundary 1959

Austin Park, Marlborough Road Homebush West was built in 1919 and designed to be a playground for children.  In 1928, Homebush Council resolved to call the playground ‘Austin Park’ in memory of the late Alderman Edward Daniel Austin, former Mayor of Homebush Council (1914-1917, 1920, 1925).  The top photo is dated c.1970 and the colour photograph 1959.

4 comments on “Austin Park Homebush West

  1. Alex Mackenzie

    I recall hearing from one of the neighbours local to the park that the land at Austin was donated for the purpose of being a playground by a lady whose house was nearby. I’m not sure if this is the case but thought it may be of interest. I’m assuming the bottom 1959 photo is looking west ie: Courallie Avenue? I’m not sure what was in the M4 corridor prior to it being built but I’m guessing there wasn’t the kind of housing present as that pictured?


  2. I have often read about land being donated for parks but rarely found too many examples. I don’t know if it was donated. Marlborough Road did contain these type of houses and there were houses on both sides of the road. The east side of Marlborough Road is now a major road, Homebush Bay Drive. Where Sydney Markets is now located was the former Sydney Stockyards. When the Markets was built many small streets disappeared or were cut in size eg Potts, Hmmaersmith etc and many houses were demolished. I think the colour photo is likely facing Courallie Ave also.


    • Alex Mackenzie

      How easily local history can slip by! The chap who told me about that lady has long since moved on so it would require an extensive search of presumably Homebush Council records to shed light on it. My recollection of that long ago conversation was that the lady’s house was in the now M4 corridor and that he indicated south of the reserve as a general indication of where it was. He also told me a story of a child’s death from running onto the road but when Council was trying to find evidence for such an event apparently none could be found. From the gravity of his conversation though I’m inclined to think something did happen but a long while ago.


      • I will do some research, I have some old maps and should be able to piece this together. A lot of Homebush’s roads have been altered with building of the M4 and WestConnex as well as the Sydney Markets development.


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