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Milroy Photo Gallery

‘Milroy’ was built c.1882 for tobacco merchant George Todman. ‘Milroy’ occupied the corner of Albert Road and Homebush Road. Todman lived at ‘Milroy’ until his death in 1924. Many photographs of ‘Milroy’s’ interior and exterior were published during Todman’s occupany and the house was often featured in magazines of the day. A selection of photos of Milroy exterior and interior are available here.

2 comments on “Milroy Photo Gallery

  1. Susan Taylor

    What a magnificent place. I could only get the one pic on the iPad, but none the less it is a stunning one. I grew up in strathfield, attended strathfield girls high around the corner from milroy and after school had a great time doing nurse training at western suburbs hospital Liverpool road Croydon, in the 60s where there was an additional ward built on to the original hospital called the Todman ward. I guess George Todman probably made a substantial donation towards the building. On another interesting point I can see you’ve got the Arnott family, I was in Burwood public school infants same class as John Arnott in the early 50s.


    • There are additional photos in the photo gallery of Milroy. There was a Todman Ward at Western Suburbs Hospital. George Todman donated funds to build the Mildred Hope Todman wing, which was named after one his daughters who died at a young age in 1922. He had been one of the hospital’s great benefactors.



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