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‘Quisiana’ 81 Homebush Road Strathfield

History of 81 Homebush Road Strathfield

'Berelle' as featured in an advertisement for the Strathfield Park Estate in 1914.
‘Berelle’ as featured in an advertisement for the Strathfield Park Estate in 1914.

‘Quisiana’ 81 Homebush Road Strathfield has recently been listed for sale.  ‘Quisiana’ (or sometimes known as ‘Berelle’) is one of Strathfield’s most prominent Victorian Italianate houses in Strathfield. This heritage listed property was built in c.1893.

‘Quisiana’ is located at 81 Homebush Road Strathfield. This property is heritage listed on Strathfield Council’s Local Environmental Plan and is a prominent two storey Victorian Italianate house set on large landscaped grounds.  The statement of heritage significance states:

Situated at the end of the vista along Alviston Street this two storey Victorian villa is of local significance for its form and scale and streetscape contribution, however, it has lost some detail and does not retain its original roofing material.  An asymmetrical façade has a projecting two storey rectangular bay with a two storey return verandah.  The verandah has a cast iron valance, brackets and balustrade and French doors to the balcony.  Other features include rendered labels, elaborate gable decoration, arched top to parapet, an elaborate iron palisade fence with rendered columns and a central rose garden.  The landscaping features of cypresses sempervieus [Bhutan Cypress] are important streetscape elements to Homebush Road. (Fox & Associates, Strathfield Heritage Review, 1986).

The house is located on the Bushy Hill Estate, a c.1880 subdivision of the larger 1867 Redmire Estate.

The house was built c.1893 for its owner railway contractor Thomas Tate.  In 1896, Tate moved to Western Australia and leased the house to various occupants. One of the more prominent occupants was George Hindmarsh MLA (1861-1916).  Hindmarsh was Member for the State electorate of Rous from 1905 to 1913, when he retired. During Hindmarsh’s occupancy from c.1909-1911, the house was renamed ‘Berelle’.

By 1917, ownership of ‘Berelle’ transferred to Professor James Douglas Stewart (1869-1955).  Stewart was the owner of ‘Berelle’ until at least 1948.  Stewart was the first Professor of Veterinary Science at Sydney University and received many hours in the course of his professional career.  His biography is detailed at


Bushy Hill subdivision poster.

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  1. Very nice house. Whoever lives here must have great taste.


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