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Homebush West Public School

Homebush West Public School. Photo: Strathfield Council (1986)
Homebush West Public School. Photo: Strathfield Council (1986)

In response to an inquiry regarding the building of Homebush West Public School.

Homebush West Public School is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and therefore was built in 1912.  The 1913 Sands Directory for Strathfield notes that this school is operating.  The listing states: “Public School – D P Foley, headmaster” at Exeter Road with cross street Hornsey Road.

The school was built as a public school by the Department of Public Works.  This did not require Council approval although records indicate that Strathfield Council extensively lobbied the State Government for the school to be built in the area.  On 26 December 1911, the Sydney Morning Herald reported:

FLEMINGTON. A new school is being built on a new site. The building contains an assembly hall 49ft X 24ft, four classrooms, with a total accommodation for 200 children, headmistress’s room,   room for teacher’s staff, two bathroom, etc.   It is a brick structure, and very similar to, that recently erected at Haberfield. New, sanitary conveniences, two weathersheds, lavatorles, fencing and tarpaving to portions of the ground are also provided for. The work is in band by day labour, and is estimated to cost £2600. 

I was not able to find a tender or contract awarded for the building work.  The design is likely to be the Government Architect. The school was opened on 26 August 1912 by the Minister for Education, Mr Carmichael.

This building is heritage listed on Strathfield Council’s Local Environmental Plan.


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