Bus Routes Axed in Strathfield and Homebush

The Alternative?
The Alternative?

Many members of the Society are concerned about the proposed cuts in local bus services in Strathfield and Homebush.  This will cause significant problems, especially for older residents and students who rely on these buses to travel to school, shops, medical services and railway stations.

Sydney Buses have proposed combining the 407 and 408 bus services, which will result in a substantial reduction of available services in Strathfield and Homebush.  The new “408” will follow the railway between Flemington and Burwood (bypassing Homebush Station and Shops), but will not be travelling throughout most of Strathfield and Homebush.  Most of Strathfield between Barker Road and Liverpool Road will be without a bus service travelling west-east or one that goes to Burwood, which is supposed to one of the Inner West’s regional centres.   

Therefore, the only way for many people, particularly elderly people, to access shopping centres in Strathfield and Burwood is to walk or access a vehicle.  Much less the students trying to get to schools such as Santa Sabina or Australian Catholic University.   This is unacceptable and have a terrible impact on local residents. 

There are links to information below as well as the opportunity to submit comments on the proposal.

Click here for a map of the new routes

Click here for the proposal

Click here to have your say

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