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Arnott’s family homes in Strathfield

In response to an inquiry regarding homes in Strathfield of the Arnott biscuit family.

Former home of Harold Arnott
Former home of Harold Arnott

William Arnott [1827-1901] founded Arnott’s Biscuits near Newcastle NSW and later Arnott’s headquarters were moved to Homebush NSW. Arnott married Monica Sinclair, who died in 1865 and later Margaret Fleming who died in 1902. He had children by both his wives and descendents of both his families lived in Strathfield and most appear to be involved with the running of Arnott’s Biscuits. The following homes were occupied by members of the Arnott family and are still standing:

  • ‘Arnottholme’ 65-67 Albert Road Strathfield. Home of William Arnott and his wife Margaret. William died at this house in 1901 and Margaret died in 1902.
  • ‘Balnagowan’ 15-17 Wakeford Road Strathfield. Home of Walter Esmond Arnott [1879-1955], grandson of William Arnott. Walter, or Wally as he is often called, built ‘Balnagowan’ in 1915 and lived there until his death in 1955.
  • ‘Brockby Lodge’ 123 Homebush Road Strathfield. Home of Harold Arnott [1888-?], grandson of William Arnott. ‘Brockby Lodge’ was built in 1923.
  • 141 Homebush Road Strathfield. Former home of Terrence Harold Arnott born 1914, son of Harold Arnott.
  • ‘Wawona’ at 96 Albyn Rd [cnr Chalmers Rd] Strathfield. Former home of Percival Sinclair Arnott [1889-1950], grandson of William Arnott. ‘Wawona’ [sometimes called ‘Arnott House’] was built in 1916.
  • ‘Waratah’ 37 Homebush Road Strathfield. Home of Janet Duman Arnott [1867-1948], daughter of William Arnott, who married broker James Simpson Perry. This house once shared at boundary with the ‘Arnottholme’ property in Albert Rd.
  • ‘Dagworth’ 39 Homebush Road Strathfield was home of Margaret Fleming Arnott [1872-1953] from 1901-07. She married Dr George Mander Jones, grandson of retailer David Jones.

Colonel John Mclean Arnott [1869-1945] was the Managing Director of Arnott’s Biscuits. In 1895, he married Adeline Hardy, the daughter of John Hardy of Hardy Bros jewellers and owner of the home ‘Strathfield’. Arnott lived at ‘Strathfield’ for a short time after his marriage and then moved to ‘Ilemong’ 20 Carrington Avenue Strathfield (still standing), before acquiring ‘Hatherly’, which he renamed ‘Birnam Wood’. ‘Birnam Wood’ was demolished c.1927 and subdivided creating the street Birnam Grove.

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