Pomeroy House

Many thanks to Kevin Dietz for the photos of Pomeroy House.  Many people ask about this house but until Kevin’s kind donation, all I had was a poor copy of a copy of a photo.  Also thanks to Dave Patrick for his recollections.   ‘Pomeroy House’ (originally named ‘Laira’ was built c.1887.  The house was… Read More Pomeroy House

Strathfield Massacre

The series ‘Crimes that shook Australia’ features the Strathfield Massacre  in 1991 on the Crime Channel on Foxtel.  This is a link to a promotion for the program:  http://www.citv.com.au/videos/crimes-shook-australia-s2-ep-3-sneak-peek-strathfield-massacre/ I would be interested in your views of the program. I have updated the article on the Strathfield Massacre to include additional information on the events… Read More Strathfield Massacre

Former EMI Factory – proposal for new street names

There is a feature in the Inner West Courier this week regarding a proposal to name two new streets in Homebush with reference to the former EMI Factory. The site on Parramatta Road Homebush has been redeveloped with multi-storey units creating a need for two new streets.  The proposal from Strathfield Council concerns naming the… Read More Former EMI Factory – proposal for new street names

‘Malvern’ and ‘Radstoke’

‘Radstoke’ is located at 2 Malvern Crescent Strathfield, partially located on the land on which the home ‘Malvern’ once stood. ‘Malvern’ was the home of stockbroker Thomas James Thompson (1830-1917). It was located on The Boulevarde but the property included boundaries on Albyn Road and Kingsland Road. ‘Malvern’ was built c.1870 and stood until c.1919.  The photograph of ‘Malvern’ is featured in the real estate… Read More ‘Malvern’ and ‘Radstoke’

Larcombe Monumental Masons

Larcombe Monumental Masons was founded in the 1870s at Rookwood Cemetery by Alex Larcombe.  The firm is still in operation today.  The suburb was once named Rookwood but renamed Lidcombe after Larcombe, a former Mayor and Frederick Lidbury, a later Mayor.  This advertisement is dated from the 1920s.

130th Anniversary of Strathfield Council (1885-2015)

This article appeared in Strathfield Scene June 2015 edition to mark the 130th anniversary of Strathfield Council on 2 June 1885. By Cathy Jones. June 2015 marks the 130th anniversary of the establishment of Strathfield Council in 1985. In the 1880s residents of the Strathfield, Strathfield South and Homebush areas petitioned the State Government demanding… Read More 130th Anniversary of Strathfield Council (1885-2015)

Welfare Street Homebush West Heritage Precinct

In response to requests for information on history of properties in Welfare Street and Flemington Road Homebush West.  The Welfare Street Heritage Conservation Area includes a series of interwar cottages in Welfare Street and Flemington Road Homebush West. The precinct is located in Homebush, off Parramatta Road and opposite Sydney Markets. This precinct is listed… Read More Welfare Street Homebush West Heritage Precinct

Milroy Photo Gallery

‘Milroy’ was built c.1882 for tobacco merchant George Todman. ‘Milroy’ occupied the corner of Albert Road and Homebush Road. Todman lived at ‘Milroy’ until his death in 1924. Many photographs of ‘Milroy’s’ interior and exterior were published during Todman’s occupany and the house was often featured in magazines of the day. A selection of photos… Read More Milroy Photo Gallery

‘Verani’ 24 Homebush Road Strathfield

‘Verani’ 24 Homebush Road Strathfield has recently been listed for sale.  ‘Verani’ is only one of three terrace style houses in Strathfield, which is very rare for Strathfield.  This heritage listed property was built in 1888. History of ‘Verani’ ‘Verani’ was built in 1888 on the original 1793 Frederick Meredith land grant. The Meredith land grant… Read More ‘Verani’ 24 Homebush Road Strathfield

Homebush North Shops

The Homebush North Shopping Centre is located on Parramatta Road Homebush near the corner of Knight Street (formerly Rochester Street). The establishment and later decline of this commercial centre reflects the changing development and demographic patterns of the Homebush North area.  A full article has been added to this site.  Click here.