‘Inglemere’ Abbotsford Road Homebush

‘Inglemere’ 2 Abbotsford Road Homebush

by Cathy Jones

‘Inglemere’ is a two storey Federation styled house and is located at 2 Abbotsford Road Homebush.  This house once faced Homebush Road Strathfield but after subdivision of its grounds, the house entry changed to Abbotsford Road.

‘Inglemere’ was built in c1894 for owner William H Norton, who named the house ‘Ingera’.  Norton sold the house in 1912 to Mrs C H Humphries.  The house was renamed ‘Inglemere’.  In 1928, the grounds at south and east of ‘Inglemere’ were subdivided and sold.

By c.1929, ‘Inglemere’ was converted into a private hospital under the management of Elizabeth Neil, who was the hospital Matron.  It was known as a maternity hospital.  As the hospital was privately administered the records of the hospital are not held by a public authority such as State Records.  Neither Strathfield District Historial Society nor Strathfield Council holds any records of the administration of the hospital such as admittances.   Family historians searching for information on birth records can now search old newspaper records through the National Library of Australia’s online search Trove.  Many birth notices are available which note ‘Inglemere’ as the place of birth.

‘Inglemere’ private hospital ceased operation in the 1950s. The property was then converted to a nursing home known as ‘The Crescent’ Private Hospital.  The nursing home closed in the late 1990s.  The house then reverted to private ownership.  It has more recently been converted into a Bed & Breakfast called ‘Darcy’s Hotel’.

Author:  Cathy Jones 2010

(c) Cathy Jones 2010.  Pursuant to the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968, no permission is given to any person to reproduce any work.  Existing publications do not assign or imply any ownership by any other person by the author.  No permission is given by the author for any commercial advantage to any person or organisation.

28 Responses to ‘Inglemere’ Abbotsford Road Homebush

  1. Maura Sellars nee Muntjan says:

    Back in Australia visiting and doing family research. At last I have found out about where I was born! Pity no records remain. I was born in August 1959, so it was a maternity unit until at least then.

    • I have just returned from a B & B stay there, found it was a maternity hospital, and thought I too had been born there. After looking at my Birth Certificate this afternoon I see that I was born at Englewood Private Hospital in Burwood on October 1949. My mother had always told me I was a “troublesome” baby and she took me to a Trescillian Nursing Hospital near St Anne’s Church in Strathfield – around the corner from Darcy’s B & B! Could Inglemere have been used also as a referral hospital for new mums?

      Caryl Trapman nee Cowper

      • Cathy Jones says:

        Englewood Private Hospital was also a maternity hospital. It was located on Burwood Road Burwood. I think the building is still standing but is no longer a hospital. I don’t if there was any links between Inglemere and Englewood.


      • Keryn Haymen says:

        Hi, are you Carol Ann Cowper, you had a sister I think Susan and lived in Strathfield l think Bareena St. I was born in Inglemere in 1949 and went to SGHS.
        Keryn HAYMEN née Cooch

      • annette maie says:

        Hi Carly,

        I also was born at Englewood Private Hospital…in 1948. My mother told me it was on Burwood Road, as Cathy Jones says, but I have not been able to find the street number, or identify the building… if the building still exists. Anyone able to fill me in?

      • Cathy Jones says:

        I’ll ask my mother she was born there! Regards Cathy

  2. Suzanne Richter says:

    I always thought it was an private unwed mothers hospital, as I was born there in July 1957 and was adopted out at birth. I had hoped there would be records somewhere, I was married at the church across the road from Inglemere when it was still a nursing home.

    • Wendy Cook (nee Fuller) says:

      Hi Suzanne
      I believe that Inglemere looked after ladies and their babies, whether married or not.
      I remember my Mum telling me she went there before 1944 to have a procedure done and was given a very hard time
      because word got around that she was having an abortion. Quite the opposite and Matron Neil soon put the nasty people
      in their place on behalf of my Mum.
      Good luck with your search

    • I was born at Inglemere in June 1958. My parents were married. Of course, babies are babies, and unwed mothers have them as well.

  3. Wendy Cook (nee Fuller) says:

    I was looking for accommodation in the inner suburbs and I saw the entry of Darcy’s B & B in my google search.
    I recognised the address and on further investigation realised this was Inglemere Private Hospital in a former life.
    My mum had her four children at this hospital from 1944 to 1957 and Matron Neil was the person in charge.
    I was born in May 1953.
    I intend to stay there in the future as it looks like a great old building.My sister and I even went to Strathfield Girls High School
    which is two streets back from Darcy’s.
    Wendy Cook (nee Fuller)

    • Helen says:

      Hi Wendy,
      I have only just realised that I was also born at this Hospital in 1950, even though I have had my birth certificate for a very long time, I never thought to look at the location of my birth (strange eh!). However I am glad the world has Goggle or I probably still wouldn’t have found this.
      I find history like this fascinating.
      I also went to Strathfield Girls High School. You probably would remember a few of the teachers I remember, Mary Christmas our Deputy Headmistress, Faith Stadler (science) and Mrs McLeod (needlework) to name a few.
      Helen Badrick (nee Finch)

      • Wendy Cook says:

        Hi Helen,
        I have just read your comments re Inglemere. What years were you at SGHS? I don’t remember any of those teachers names, maybe my sister will remember. Next May I will be 60 so I have arranged to stay at Inglemere which now is a B & B, even staying in the old birthing room!!!
        Keep in touch….Wendy

  4. Jenny Johnston says:

    My Mum sworked as a Nurse at this Hospital in 1944 & 45. I heard stories of this as a child. She always maintained it was a very well run hospital.
    Jenny Johnston

  5. Susan O'Keeffe (nee Mills) says:

    I too was born at Ingelemere (1955) as were my brother (1944) & sister (1946). I clearly remember going to Ingelemere to have my tonsils removed by Dr Roxborough when I was about 4 or 5 years old (1959/60). My Mum took me in the front door & then on the left was the operating room. I remember the nurse or matron putting a cold wet cloth near my face & telling me to breath in deeply & I would smell Mummy’s perfume (must have been ether). I woke up in a cot with a sore throat and was promised jelly to eat… it hurt to swallow it though. I then remember walking out & down the front verandah & steps.

    • Wendy Cook says:

      HI Susan, My brother was born in Dec 1944 and my sister in Dec 1946, me in May 1953 and My brother in March 1957. Inglemere seems to have been a very busy place back in the 40 and 50’s. Have you been to see it lately, it is a wonderful old stately house now used as a B & B…Darcy’s

  6. Sue Koenig (nee Butler) says:

    I was also born at Inglemere; in April 1953, and had my tonsils removed there, by Dr Evans, in the late 1950s. I remember arriving at the hospital in the morning, walking into the operating theatre, and going home that same afternoon after the procedure. No staying hospital for something as trifling as tonsils, in those days! The equivalent of day surgery, I guess!

    • Wendy Cook says:

      Sue only one month before me all those years ago, a big birthday coming up for you as well in 2013.

  7. Kerry Lyn Scholz (nee Bailey) says:

    I too was born at Inglemere in March 1948. I am doing some family history, always thought I was just born at Strathfield Private Hospital until I checked out my birth certificate. I note the names of Dr. Dowe as my Mum’s doctor and Matron Neil. I went to Wadham Preparatory School in Strathfield and then onto Meriden after they bought out Wadham. By the way, the hospital would not only have been for unmarried mothers as my parents were married! I now live in Queensland, but would love to visit the place where I was born one day!

  8. Sue Koenig says:

    Yes, Wendy, a big birthday is looming!

  9. I too was born on 18th April 1949 at Inglemere Hospital, it is so nice to fine others born near the same year and in the same hospital, Mum and Dad have passed away now, names Peggy and Albert bit of strange stories were hinted at from family over the years, so it was a birth place for unmarried mothers too?, mum and dad were married many years be I came along a only child, so adoptions would of happened there too?
    best wishes feel free to email. Kerriee

  10. Marrianne says:

    I was born there in 1942 sadly the next day my mum died; I was always told about the house and later I looked up about the many changes over the years. A special place for me.

  11. I was born in this hospital in 1959 :-)

  12. movemout59 says:

    I was born there on the 2nd March, 1959.

  13. publisher10 says:

    I was born here too in Feb 1953. Tonsils out around 1957 at 4yrs of age – day only surgeries with ether anesthetic and promise of Jelly afterwards. Tonsils in those days were – whip em out, mouth full of jelly and go home :).
    Sally Hollis (nee Kessell)

  14. Scott Brandon Smith says:

    The following is a SMH obituary for William Henry Norton who was the original owner of the house.


  15. Deb Larkin says:

    I was born there in September, 1960

  16. My NSW birth certificate (1958) read “Inglemere Private Hospital, Strathfield”. However, my mother always told me it was actually Homebush, but in the Municipality of Strathfield. I challenged this with the NSW Register of BD & M’s in 2010 by showing the historical society map ( available from the local library ). Inglemere was always in Homebush, so the Reg BDM agreed to change my place of birthplace to Homebush. as they could not find evidence to the contrary dating back to 1958.

    • Cathy Jones says:


      The ‘suburb’ of Homebush has a long and complicated history. Part of the suburb of Homebush in which Abbotsford Road (and Inglemere) is located has been fully located in the Strathfield Council area since 1885, though Abbotsford Road has always been located in the suburb of Homebush. This area was bounded by the railway line at the north and only involves a couple of streets. Homebush also referred to the Homebush Bay area which included the former State Abattoirs and Brickworks. Homebush Council was located on the north side of the railway and never included streets such as Abbotsford Road. Because ‘Inglemere’ also used a Homebush Road address, it may have been known as Strathfield in its address, as most of Homebush Road is located in the suburb of Strathfield. The current suburb boundaries in Strathfield Council were gazetted in 1997 by the Geographical Names Board.

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