‘Inglemere’ Abbotsford Road Homebush

‘Inglemere’ 2 Abbotsford Road Homebush

by Cathy Jones

‘Inglemere’ is a two storey Federation styled house and is located at 2 Abbotsford Road Homebush.  This house once faced Homebush Road Strathfield but after subdivision of its grounds, the house entry changed to Abbotsford Road.

‘Inglemere’ was built in c1894 for owner William H Norton, who named the house ‘Ingera’.  Norton sold the house in 1912 to Mrs C H Humphries.  The house was renamed ‘Inglemere’.  In 1928, the grounds at south and east of ‘Inglemere’ were subdivided and sold.

By c.1929, ‘Inglemere’ was converted into a private hospital under the management of Elizabeth Neil, who was the hospital Matron.  It was known as a maternity hospital.  As the hospital was privately administered the records of the hospital are not held by a public authority such as State Records.  Neither Strathfield District Historial Society nor Strathfield Council holds any records of the administration of the hospital such as admittances.   Family historians searching for information on birth records can now search old newspaper records through the National Library of Australia’s online search Trove.  Many birth notices are available which note ‘Inglemere’ as the place of birth.

‘Inglemere’ private hospital ceased operation in the 1950s. The property was then converted to a nursing home known as ‘The Crescent’ Private Hospital.  The nursing home closed in the late 1990s.  The house then reverted to private ownership.  It has more recently been converted into a Bed & Breakfast called ‘Darcy’s Hotel’.

Author:  Cathy Jones 2010

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