22nd Anniversary of Strathfield Massacre

Strathfield Massacre 1991 as reported in the Sun Herald

Strathfield Massacre 1991 as reported in the Sun Herald

It is hard to believe but it was the 22rd anniversary of the Strathfield Massacre this weekend.  On August 17 1991, a lone gunman killed 7 people and injured 6 on a Saturday afternoon at Strathfield Plaza. This was one of Australia’s worst mass murders.

Full article at http://strathfieldheritage.org/buildings/strathfield-massacre/.

Cooks River Strathfield

Cooks River Strathfield South 1943 aerial photograph

Cooks River Strathfield South 1943 aerial photograph

A timeline on events and developments affecting the Cooks River in Strathfield has been published.  Click here for information.  This is certainly not the definitive history of the Cooks River in Strathfield, which will take more time to write, however this is a timeline of information I have gathered so far, which is helpful for others looking for historical information such as students.  This page will continue to be amended as it is a work in progress.

Also a request for locals to share their memories and recollections with the Cooks River Valley Association. Click here for further details.

I am always happy to receive any photos or information to add to the site.  Please contact me at cathy.jones@optusnet.com.au.  Regards, Cathy Jones.

Homebush North Shops

Homebush Newsagency 1936

Homebush Newsagency 1936

The Homebush North Shopping Centre is located on Parramatta Road Homebush near the corner of Knight Street (formerly Rochester Street). The establishment and later decline of this commercial centre reflects the changing development and demographic patterns of the Homebush North area.  A full article has been added to this site.  Click here.

Yarrowee Wetland Tour

The Strathfield area has two wetlands: Mason Park Wetland in Homebush near Powells Creek and Yarrowee Wetland in Strathfield near the Cooks River.

Yarrowee was constructed in 2010 and provide a natural filter for storm water prior to entering the Cooks River.  Yarrowee is also a testing site for health of the Cooks River.

On Sunday 23 March 2014, a tour of the wetland will be held.  It is free event and will include demonstration of sampling of macroinvertebrates, tree planting and a BBQ.  Bookings can be made via online booking at http://www.eventbrite.com.au/o/treading-lightly-3872044903

if the tour is full, add your name to the waitlist and you will be contacted when the next tour is organised.


Revealing traces of a former Sydney.

Strathfield History Images

Images of Strathfield's history


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